Happy Dance Saturday!

Today was Grace’s first dance competition. In honor of this big day, all my “10 Things That Made Me Smile” list are going to be dance-related.

1. Seeing Grace all decked out in her costume, hair and make-up. So cute!!

2. Watching Grace’s nerves/excitement for today finally play out on the stage!

3. Grace made a leg lift that she previously couldn’t do without holding on to something. “Mom – I even held it the entire time!!”

4. Watching the girls ramp up for their second dance of the day! So much more adrenaline after the first one was done!

5. Seeing the excitement on her face when they were called for the costume award!

6. As 100 or so girls (and a few boys) were seated on the stage waiting for the awards ceremony to start, they played Justin Bieber. Immediately, Grace (and almost immediately, 2 other girls in her class) jumped up and started dancing. I couldn’t help but laugh! She definitely takes after her Mama!! BTW – shortly after, the rest of the stage had girls standing up dancing, and one little boy covering his ears!

7. Michael came to the competition to watch his sister. There was a trio of boys doing a hip hop/breaker routine, he was in awe! I’d so love for him to do that too – boys’ got some skillz!!

8. Last night, when I went to check if she was sleeping, Grace was laying there with tears in her eyes. She said she couldn’t sleep. I asked her if she was nervous, she said she was afraid she would screw up. I told her if she did, she did. “Believe me, I screwed up my fair share of times at competitions too. It just happens!” I told her as long as she was having fun, that’s all that matters. She soon fell asleep. This only made me smile, because I remember the nights before competitions, having the same worries when I was younger!

9. I was so proud of Grace’s grace today. Even though they didn’t place, she didn’t let her disappointment show! She was so excited to get a pin for ranking gold for “Pink Panther” and high gold for “Baby I’m a Star”!

10. My good friend Jill came back to hip hop this week! So glad she’s back!!!


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