5 Down… 19 To Go

My training this week went ok… once again, illness prevented me from doing quite as much as I wanted to do. I did what I could…

Monday: Today was supposed to be a rest day, but since I seem to be getting extras in for various reasons, I decided to do a little cross training/stretching. I did a whole routine of crunches, using different sets of abs (like we do in dance class). I also did all the stretches the Sports Trainer gave me to do. Probably a total of 10-15 minutes of “cross training”, but better than nothing!

Tuesday: Woke up with my knees killing me!! Ugh! Wore braces on both my knees all day. Yesterday, I had a bit of a sore throat, today, was pretty sure it was strep. I pumped up with ibuprofin, and went to work. Immediately afterwards, I went to Urgent Care. Sure enough, I have strep – again! I was going to walk on my break today, but was wisely advised by my boss to not walk and run myself down. Going to just use today as a rest day.

Wednesday: Still sick with strep, but the meds kicked in right away this time! My throat is sore, I’m tired, but worked a couple hours, then went to dance. I told my dance teacher I was skipping jumping jacks in order to save my energy for the dance part. 50 minutes of hip hop. I could tell I wasn’t 100%, but still went. Tomorrow, I NEED to walk!!!

Thursday: This morning, I woke up full of energy. After my morning routine of coffee, checking messages, etc, I set out for a walk with Duke. I wanted to clock this path around a field across the street from my house. I figured it was about a half mile, but was hoping for more. It ended up being somewhere between 1/3 – 1/2 mile. oh well… I walked about a mile and a half today. Despite the gorgeous weather, I couldn’t keep walking, because I had to go to a follow up on my knee and wrist. The knee is showing improvement on its strength and range of motion, but still needs work. The wrist is healing. Just needs some strength training. This afternoon, I’m so wiped out, all I want to do is crawl in bed and sleep until tomorrow. I think the strep is catching up with me.

Friday: On my lunch break, I walked my usual 2.86 mile walk. Then, after work, I made a deal with Michael that we could go out to eat, but he had to walk with me. He walked with me to Burger King in downtown Chippewa. He was quite the trooper, and didn’t complain until about the last mile. According to my pedometer, this walk was only 3.73 miles total, but I thought it was at least that THERE. I made the mistake of letting the kids play with my pedometer today, I think they messed up the settings. I will need to re-calibrate it, but I’ll just go with what it read for now. That means I walked at least 6.59 miles today. My highest mileage in one day so far! My feet are definitely achy. We’ll see how they feel tomorrow! I mapped the route we walked on Walgreen’s Walking for Rewards site, and it said 4.1 miles. That would put my total for the day at 6.96. I like this number better!

Saturday: Today, Grace suggested we go to the dog park to walk. She NEVER wants to go when I suggest it, so I was all over it. We re-calibrated my pedometer to MY stride, then set out. I had guessed it was about a mile around. Turns out it is actually 3/4 mile. Grace wanted to walk more, but got nervous when a bunch of other dogs come to the park, so we came home, and walked around the field across the street from our house. This time, a neighbor boy came with. It was nice to have some time with Grace, even if we got rained on while in the field! Our total for today: 1.64 miles (plenty after yesterday)!

Sunday: (writing this Monday night) Yesterday was an insanely busy day with dance stuff for Grace. Since I didn’t have time to get a walk in, I did some crunches and all my knee/leg stretches I’m supposed to do. Probably ended up with about 15 minutes of cross-training.

Total Miles This Week: 10.1
Fundraising progress: $680 ($1620 to go)

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  1. Jes Schultz Borland
    Apr 11, 2011 @ 20:29:56

    You’re doing so well! I really hope you feel better, 100%, and soon!


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