Saturday Smiles

For a day that has no rain in the forecast, it sure felt like we were getting rained on during our walk today!! It’s a good day to think of 10 things that made me smile this past week.

1. Watching my daughter talk about her first performance tomorrow. She’s both nervous and excited. I remember those same feelings before my recitals and competitions.

2. Taking a 4 mile walk with Michael yesterday. Even though our walk was to Burger King (kind of defeats the purpose of walking so far), it was great to have so much uninterrupted one on one time.

3. Snuggles from my dog. Even though he’s way to big to be a lap dog, it’s nice once in a while!

4. SUNSHINE and the warmer temps that came with it!!! I loved being able to be outside in a t-shirt without freezing!

5. Getting a draft version of our wedding invitations done. Once I find the right color card stock, we can get to getting them done!

6. Seeing a co-worker in capris and flip flops – spring is finally here!

7. Grace actually suggesting to walk at the dog park. She never wants to go there when I ask. Great to have one on one time with her!

8. Hearing that a friend was excited to receive a little love I sent her in the mail… I wanted to make her day, and it sounds like that’s what happened!

9. Michael was invited to a birthday party. He was so excited to pick out just the right card and Barbie for this little girl. It was so cute, I couldn’t help but smile!

10. Pay day – ’nuff said!


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