Stop and Smell the Roses… What Roses??

One of my favorite things about Spring is to enjoy nature and all its glory. The warm sun, the bursting buds on the trees, the birds chirping away as they build their nests… Life has been so busy, I haven’t even had time to stop and smell the roses!!

Every minute of my days seem to be filled with work, appointments, rhinestoning costumes, planning for the wedding, preparing to move, traveling to and from dance classes, walking/training for the 3-Day Walk… in between all of that, I keep getting sick which is sucking what little energy I have left! My house is a complete disaster – even more than usual!! I have really good intentions of cleaning, but I am too wiped to do it…

I really want to just take some time to not have to do anything. I want the time to not only find the roses, but to smell them too!


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