4 down…. 20 To Go

This week was a bit disappointing as far as training goes, but I was quite busy, so it’s understandable… Here’s how it went:

Monday: Today is my rest day. I’m going to start trying to follow the recommended training schedule a bit closer (maybe). Mondays are always rest days on the schedule. My calves are surprisingly sore after last night’s workout video, so I’m not too upset about taking a day off. I finally got to see Jason today after over a week, and we went out for pizza with some of my co-workers. Tomorrow should be a nice day to walk off that taco pizza I had tonight!

Tuesday: I walked 2.86 miles over my lunch break today. The walk felt good, despite forgetting my water bottle. Luckily, the walk includes a stop at home to let the dog out, so I changed into my “running socks” and grabbed my water bottle. My lunch walks are divided into 3 sections. I thought I’d try running the 2nd leg just to change it up a bit. That part is just shy of a mile, thought it would be no big deal! I was SO wrong! I barely made it over a tenth of a mile. I got a cramp in my foot, and started feeling like I was overheating. Maybe next time, I’ll lose the jacket first. I am going to try it again, but I’ll plan better for it next time… I’d like to be able to run at least a mile. I’ve decided that the running socks make a big difference. The way they pull the moisture away definitely makes it more comfortable! I need to find a way to up my miles on days I work. I’m already stretching my breaks out with the 2.86 mile walks, evening walks aren’t always possible due to our schedules… I think soon, I will start walking to work on days my kids are going to their dad’s in the evening, just to get in those couple of extra miles.

Wednesday: Cross training day (aka hip hop class). Tonight felt amazing! I was wiped out by the end, and I could tell I was getting tired the last couple runs through our dance. It was good though, my body is feeling stronger, and I am feeling more sure of the moves.

On a side note, I am noticing some of the fat around my mid-section is disappearing. This is a great bonus of all this training! According to the scale, I have lost about 9 lbs. I don’t tend to trust scales, and with last week’s procedure, it’s hard to know what the correct number is. I don’t really care about numbers so much anyway. When my fiancée puts his arms around me, and comments that I feel smaller, or my ring is sliding around on my finger, that means more to me than any number on a scale. Jason noticed it last week, but I am actually seeing the difference myself now. Now, I just need to work on my arms and upper body. That’s gonna take a little work!

Thursday: Today was an insanely crazy day! I had no time to walk. By the time I finally got the kids to bed, I was too tired to do any cross-training, and I really needed to get Grace costume rhinestoned. Next weekend is her first performance, and I didn’t know how it would go… as it was, the rhinestones kept popping off, and it took much longer than I expected (and I’m only halfway done). I guess today ended up as a “rest” day, even though it was far from restful!

Friday: It was supposed to be a rainy/snowy day. I didn’t expect to be able to get a walk in. It was only drizzling when I went on my break, so I decided to go for it. I think the dampness in the air made it a really hard walk for me… my bad knee was really achy (as it always is in damp weather or when the barometer changes). I had shin splints from my workout video Tuesday. Note to self: don’t wear running shoes on carpet for exercise videos (shoes kept catching)! Though, I wonder if barefoot would cause shin splints due to lack of shock absorption?? I felt like I had run out of steam. My 2.86 mile walk took longer than usual, and felt harder too. When I stopped at home, I grabbed my two hand weights for walking. I noticed they were only 1 lb each, not 2. No wonder they felt useless during my cross training! I did do some arm movements (I guess you could call it weight lifting?) while I was walking. Tried to get all the major muscle groups in my upper body… I just felt weak today, but that’s ok…. gotta keep going!!

A couple cool things about the walk: an otter crossed the road in front of me, then played along side the road for a minute or two, an eagle flew along the river very near to me, and I got some good entertainment via Ted Krueger (onpnt) on twitter. Another cool thing today – I moved up a notch on my belt! I might have to get a smaller belt soon!!!

Saturday: I had hoped to get up and walk this morning. We had an insanely crazy day planned – rent a storage unit, meet with lady (in WI) about flowers and cake, boys all get fitted for tuxes, dinner at my Mom’s… I was also supposed to go to a clinic this morning about apparel for the 3 day. I tend to stay up too late watching movies when I am at Jason’s, and it takes me twice as long to fully wake up in the mornings. Today was no exception. We had so much to do, I skipped the clinic. I was way too tired to walk! 😦 I think that even though Monday is technically supposed to be a rest day, but my schedule ends up so busy, that I end up with a forced rest day… just going to do what works each day.

We managed to check all of the above items off the to-do list (well, figured out tuxes, but won’t get the boys measured until closer to the event). Jason even changed the brakes on my car at my Mom’s house. My Mom and I were chatting most of the time he was working on the van. She recently lost 25 1/2 lbs, and was showing me her before and after pics. What a dramatic difference! She looks like she could be on one of those commercials for weight loss pills! I was telling her how badly I need to work my upper body. She photo-copied some exercises for me to do, and gave me some bands that attach to the door to help me work my upper body. So nice of her!! It would have been a great opportunity for us to walk a couple miles, but by the time we thought of it, Jason was done with the brakes. We all walked around the property doing a little visual planning for the wedding. I’m getting really excited – it’s coming up fast!!

Long story short – it was a super productive day in so many other ways, but not at all in my training. (Does TALKING about cross training count?)

Sunday: Just got back from a 3.66 mile walk. Right out of the gate, we got charged by a dog who was not on a leash. In case you hadn’t read an earlier post of mine, Duke doesn’t do well when he’s on-leash, and is confronted with a dog off-leash. The good thing is, I know Duke can hold his own against most other dogs; the bad thing is, I know Duke can hold his own against other dogs! I was afraid the other dog might not come out of the battle. I was so freaked out, my heart was pounding for about the next mile! I finally didn’t over-dress. The wind was a bit chilly, but at least I wasn’t over-heated! I had my headband on to keep my ears warm. The walk felt great. There was about a block where my knee got a bit achy, but it quickly went away. I got back to Jason’s block, and was at about 3 miles. I was feeling so good, I decided to keep walking! I need to start walking 4+ miles. If I didn’t have to go to the bathroom, I probably would have continued… all that water on the walk, you know!

This week’s total miles: 9.38
Total miles: 33.55


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