3 down… 21 To Go

This week, I sort of “Live Blogged” as I went through my training (or didn’t) each day. Let me know what you think of this format, or if it makes it too confusing.

Monday: 2.8 mile walk. Temps were in the upper 30’s, sky was cloudy… the walk wasn’t hard, but wasn’t easy… I was VERY thirsty for some reason, and had drank through the entire bottle of water as I was approaching my last mile. I wonder if that’s why Tuesday, I felt as though I had slight shin splints again? I need to do a better job of pre-hydrating before the walk, so I can stay hydrated throughout. The sounds of the birds, woodpeckers, water running made the walk pass by more quickly… Speaking of speed, the training program recommends we shoot for a pace of 3 miles/hour. My 2 mile walks over lunch have been averaging about 45 minutes. Figuring in the 5 minutes or so that I am home letting the dog out, I’m pretty on track… I walked the .8 portion in about 10 minutes… also could be a contributor to my thirst. Every walk, I learn a bit more.

Tuesday: I planned on walking, but the snow/sleet made me a bit concerned for my safety (plus it’s just crappy weather for walking in). Planned on doing some cross-training… failed.

Wednesday: Not feeling well… prep day sucks… spent lots of time on the couch, though I got a lot done around the house… I wonder if going up and down the stairs all those times counts as cross-training?? 😉

Thursday: My pedometer appears to be suddenly reading in miles again, we’ll see how long that lasts! Just got done walking 1.91 miles with Michael, 4 neighbor kids, and of course, Duke. I can tell I’m still a bit dehydrated from my procedure (and no, not a stored procedure) this morning. I was disappointed to discover that somewhere along our walk, I must have dropped my water bottle from my coat pocket. Luckily, Michael was kind enough to share some of his Vitamin Water with me. Walking almost 2 miles today might not have been a good idea, my gut was a bit weak, but I made it. A month ago, I never would have thought walking in 25 degrees would feel good. The temp seemed perfect today. The sun may have helped!

Friday: It was a LONG DAY!!! I thought about doing yoga or something for cross-training. I decided to have a Captain Coke, watch some TV, and crochet instead. Feeling really lazy and stressed out this week.

Saturday: Michael was at a birthday party, and Grace wanted to go to a friend’s house. The friend lives about a mile away, so I told her we’d walk down there. The 25 degrees outside felt a little colder than it has in the past couple weeks. Maybe it was wind… anyway, after I dropped Grace off at her friend’s house, I started walking home, and decided to add the ALMOST extra mile by walking down one extra road along the river. When I got to the end, I was feeling pretty good, so decided to attempt the trail through the woods. This is where the challenges began.

I got up to the trail, and it was snow covered again. There was a set of footsteps going along the path, so I figured I’d follow those. No problem, until I got about half way through the woods, and the tracks stopped… I could have done the smart thing and turned around, but I decided to keep going. Trudging through ankle-shin deep snow in my walking shoes, with a dog who was loving being part hound dog, is more challenging than it seems. I figured soon enough, I’d be back to the State Trail, and it would be at least mostly melted, since it’s concrete. Wrong again! Somewhere along the hilly trail with snow almost knee-deep in some spots, I lost my pedometer. Luckily, I knew where I was at when I got to the woods, I knew how long that trail was, and approximately how far that spot was from my house. I am guesstimating that I walked about 4.48 miles – my longest walk to date.

That last mile was tough. I’m sure it was because of trudging through snow, and trying to keep my dog close to me because I had to walk along a major roadway when the sidewalks weren’t shoveled or melted… My side was aching, but what do you do when you’re a mile away from home? You just keep walking. About 1/2 mile from my house, I had run out of water, both sides were now aching, hip joints were feeling tight, and my pace had slowed significantly. I kept going, and made it home. Stretched out a bit, and collapsed on the couch to write about my challenging walk. Now, I’m going to head off to get a new pedometer before I need to get the kids again (this time I’ll be driving). Today’s lesson learned? The road less traveled is NOT always the best one to take! …also, that I need to do more 4-5 mile walks. My body needs that challenge!

Sunday: After spending the day hanging with my kiddos at Govin’s Farm, and cleaning up the house a bit while they played, I finally got the motivation to do my cross-training. I realized yesterday that I hadn’t done any all week, since dance class was on Spring Break. Today would have been gorgeous for a walk, and technically, I probably did get a half a mile in walking to the farm. I really needed to do something else for my body though. I put in my video: The Firm – Ultimate Fat Burning Workout. This was only the 2nd time I had done this video – pretty sad, considering my mom gave it to me around Christmas time! The video combines intervals of pure cardio, with intervals of cardio including weights. The first time I tried it, I used some 5 lb hand weights I had. It was tough! I since then have given the 5 lb weights to my mom. I bought 2 lb hand weights to use while I am walking. I pulled those out of the package tonight to use. It was much easier, but I think they may have been too light. This time through was a bit easier than the first time, but I still sweat like crazy! That’s a good thing, right? I couldn’t do the full push ups due to my wrist (I possibly fractured it a couple weeks ago), but I was able to modify them enough to get some benefit. My knees are gonna be hurting tomorrow, I can pretty much guarantee that. I dig the cross-training days… I think I actually need to do it twice a week like the schedule calls for. It hurt so good! 40 minutes – DONE!

Total miles this week: 10.19
Total miles overall: 24.17

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  1. Jes
    Mar 28, 2011 @ 09:50:30

    You said stored procedure!

    I love this format. Great job this week!


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