Snow Day

After a night of restless sleep due to the sounds of thunder and hail, a little boy scared of the noises climbing into my bed, and an upset stomach, I woke up about 20 minutes later than I should have. I rushed to get the kids ready, took a quick shower, and was about to head out the door. I was keeping my fingers crossed that I wouldn’t get stuck in the snow… that’s when I noticed I had a message from my boss. I called back, and he told me to stay home with the morning and snuggle with my kids a bit longer. They weren’t going to need me yet, but he wanted me to remain on call. No problem!!! It was a blessing in disguise, as I still didn’t feel 100%…

I got to thinking about our first year in WI. Grace was in Kindergarten. They had had a few snow days due to extreme cold and ice. I don’t think there was ever a foot of snow in a short period, but it was 5 years ago, so there might have been. The concept of a snow day was somewhat foreign to me. Growing up in MN, I can only remember one snow day – EVER! That was the Halloween blizzard of…. I don’t remember! What I do remember, is waking up on April 1st, and not checking the weather (as I did pretty much every day first thing). In a rush, I got Grace out the door to the bus stop. She came back a few minutes later, and said she had missed the bus. CRAP! I had to be at work at 7:30, and couldn’t drop her off at school until then. I called work to tell them she had missed the bus, so I’d be late, and headed out the door. On the way to school, Grace tells me in a panicked tone of voice that she forgot her backpack. “Seriously?” I asked her, and she started laughing, and said “April Fool’s!” I pulled up to a completely empty parking lot. I remember thinking “Wow, that’s a pretty good April Fool’s joke. They got ALL the teachers in on it too!” Then I saw the janitor, standing outside with his steaming hot cup of coffee, letting me know that school was cancelled for the day. I told him that wasn’t funny. He said that really, school was canceled due to the ice storm the night before. OK, now I was annoyed (but only a little bit). When I called work, they could have told me that!!! I work at a child care center, they obviously knew there was no school, because there were school age children there! Oh well… in the end, it gave me a good story to tell.

Today’s snow day, as was the case with that April 1st snow day 5 years ago, put them one day short for the school year. A certain number of snow days are built into the year, but this was one more than that number. Grace told me that today would need to be made up. I guess we’ll see how it plays out.

BTW – Besides that I wasn’t feeling well, and was really better off being at home, I got to spend some great time with my kids. I also got to help out my friend Carrie. Carrie’s boys are the ones I nannied for about a year, a couple years back. Carrie texted me this morning, asking if I was home. She had radiation therapy this afternoon, and needed someone to watch the boys. My kids were thrilled to have them over to play! In the end, today was a good day!


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