2 Down, 22 To Go!

Two weeks ago, I started my official training for the 3-Day Walk for the Cure. It’s been surprising to me how much easier each walk has become! I think by the time the 24 week training period is over, 60 miles will be nothing! OK, maybe not, but also not as hard as the last time I walked the MS Walkathon (about 14 years ago. I made it half the 10 miles and started puking)… I couldn’t even finish! This walk will be different – much different! Why? Because I’m walking for and with my friend with breast cancer. Also, because I am taking this very seriously. Heck, I’m training 24 weeks early. That says something!

Day 1: I walked 1.1 miles. I could have sworn it was significantly longer. I don’t know if it was the cold (22 degrees) or that I got overheated part way through. It might have been that I was walking with my dog who kept pulling me, or the fact that only about 2/3 of the route I was on was it was only shoveled. Either way, it was TOUGH! My side hurt, I was thirsty… when I saw the pedometer said it was only 1.1 miles, I was quite disappointed in myself!
*The week starts on Monday, according to my training schedule. I actually started on a Sunday, just ’cause.

Day 2: I woke up with strep throat (maybe part of why that first walk was so hard – I didn’t know I was getting sick). That threw my training off a bit. I chose to rest this day.

Day 3: Rest day – still sick!!

Day 4: I had dance class. Coming off being sick, and still not 100%, I was wiped out. It definitely was not my best night of dance, but I was there!

Day 6: I walked 2 miles over my lunch break. I walked the one mile home, let the dog out to the bathroom, then walked back. It felt pretty good, but I got pretty hot. My hands and feet felt puffy by the time I got home, and especially when I got back to work. I had read about that somewhere, I knew I needed more water.

Days 5 & 7: Rest day

Day 8 (the end of week 1): The kids and I walked 2.05 miles. We took the dog with. I had hoped we’d be walking about 2 miles, but wasn’t sure. I’m glad I spent that $5 on the pedometer, even if I don’t think it’s 100% accurate. At least I get an idea of mileage… The walk felt great. I was a bit smarter, and took a bottle of water with me. The fresh air, quality time with my kids, and sunshine were awesome!

Week 1 – Total: 5.15 miles

Week 2 – Day 1: I walked 2 miles over my lunch break again. This was my first time walking multiple miles back to back. By the end of the first walk, I could tell I was getting shin splints of some sort near my ankle on my right leg, and my knee was starting to ache. While my dog was going potty, I put my knee brace on, refreshed my water bottle, and tried to stretch a bit. The the walk did not feel as good as the day before. No pain, no gain, right?? I was hoping this was true.

Day 2: Rest day

Day 3: Dance class felt awesome! I don’t think I did that well all year! There was one move that was a little tough, since my knee was still feeling a bit stiff, but I felt so good after that class (even if I was a bit tired).

Day 4: No clocked walking, but I did go on a couple walks with the preschoolers, and I shoveled dog poop when I got home… I’d say that counts as cross-training!

Day 5: I wanted to “clock” this awesome trail by my house. I figured enough snow had finally melted that it was safe to walk the trail through the woods along the river. I had always guessed it was about 3 miles. It proved to be 2.97 (for once, I guessed right)! I also figured out some other ways to add mileage as I get further in my training. Being that it is on the state trail, I have a lot of options. There are a lot of hills and rugged terrain on this trail, so it counts as a moderate walk (which is suggested at least once a week). It felt really good! I was glad I had brought my water bottle, since I was SO thirsty by the last mile or so! That night, I was exhausted though!!

Day 6: Jason wanted to walk with me to the Target near his house. He figured it was about 5 miles. I was so excited he wanted to walk with me, and it was a GORGEOUS day! The “actual” miles ended up being 3.86 (again, not completely trusting my pedometer). The walk felt GREAT! So much better than the last time I had walked multiple miles back to back! Again, I was glad I had a water bottle with me, but no shin splints, side aches, or anything at the end!

Day 7: I had planned on doing cross training (aka Dance Central on the Kinect). Instead, I was tired, so I took it as a rest day!

Week 2 – Total: 8.83 miles PROGRESS!

The training walks are getting easier, though my body’s energy level is trying to keep up afterwards!

I am continuing training and fundraising for the next 22 weeks. I appreciate all the donations I have received so far. I am currently at $555, 24% of the way there! My donation page gives more detail as to why I am taking on a 60 mile walk. Please consider donating any amount to support the efforts of the Susan G Komen Foundation in finding a cure for breast cancer!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah S.
    Mar 21, 2011 @ 18:14:56

    I can’t believe I forgot to talk about the blister!!! One thing I did encounter during these first two weeks, was a blister, on the bottom of my pinky toe. It made even day to day walking uncomfortable. I wasn’t sure what to do to relieve the discomfort, so I got creative. At the advice of a friend, I put a band-aid on the toe. Then, I ripped a cotton ball apart and stuck it under my toe. It relieved the pressure on my toe.

    I also decided to try the “running socks” I had bought. I was surprised at how comfortable they were. No irritation, feet were dry… I think I’ll be getting a few more pairs! Definitely worth the money!

    Blister gone, walking getting easier, I’m liking this training thing!


  2. Sherie
    Mar 23, 2011 @ 08:57:02

    Way to go Sarah! The training is a huge time commitment, but SOOOO worth it! Blisters are a big problem and can derail your training and the ability to walk on the 3day! Make sure you get fitted for a proper pair of “running” shoes; they’ll probably put you in a pair that are 1 to 2 sizes larger than you normally wear as your feet will swell with the longer walks. Thorlo makes great moisture wicking, padded socks too. I bought 2 pairs of the same running shoes (and a 6 pack of the socks) after I had shin splint and blister issues at the start of my training. My training was much more enjoyable after that!


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