Unexpected Customer Service

About a week ago, I picked up my wedding dress. It occurred to me that I can’t get it altered until I have my shoes. I HATE shoe shopping. I had to get a couple things at the mall anyway, so while I was there, I went in and out of every shoe store and a few others (except the Department Stores). The last store before I gave up for the day was Famous Footwear. I didn’t expect to find the shoes for my wedding there, but thought I might as well look…

I knew I wanted strappy sandals. I didn’t want high heels, since it’s an outdoor wedding – don’t want my heels getting stuck in soft ground. My dress is just slightly too long, and Jason’s taller than me, so I thought some wedge heels would be perfect. I looked at all the dress shoes, no luck.

Just about to leave the store, I walked by the Clearance aisle, and there they were – the PERFECT shoes!! They were exactly what I had in mind, and they were on sale, from $55 to $20! SCORE! I tried them on, they fit perfect. Yep, definitely meant to be. I went up to pay for them, and noticed a little smudge on them. The cashier took out some shoe cleaning stuff, and cleaned them up. I was impressed!

I got home, and I couldn’t wait to try them on with my dress. I took the shoes out of the box, and noticed one of the straps was broken. I don’t know how I missed it in the store, but they were definitely not wearable. I was so bummed!!

A couple days later, I returned them. The person who was helping me, looked online, and noticed the LaCrosse store had two pairs left. I said that was too far for me to drive for shoes. She said her manager might be willing to drive down there and pick them up for me. I gave them my info – just in case. I told her that I don’t want her to make a special trip, but if they happened to get them in, I’d be happy to come back to purchase them.

Two days ago, I got a call. The manager was going to go get those shoes from the LaCrosse store for me. I’d understand if these were $100 shoes, but they weren’t. They were clearance shoes! I went back today, and there were my shoes. As I tried them on, I noticed that the box said white, not ivory – crap! I said I thought mine were ivory, since my dress is. She looked at the original sheet the info was written on, and it said white. I bought them anyway. I’m hoping they are off-white enough to go with my dress, if not, I guess I just bought a cute pair of sandals for summer!

I was so impressed by the great customer service I got! I’ve never had a sales person clean new shoes, or had a manager drive to pick up a pair of shoes that cost less than the gas to get them! Thank you Famous Footwear Eau Claire!!!


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