Our honeymoon

Proof to me that I am marrying the right guy for me? Even though he is not a huge Disney fan, he knows I am! I had mentioned that “someday” I’d like to go on a Disney Cruise. In a totally different conversation, at a totally different time, I said that he and I should take an adult-only trip to Disney World sometime. Jason offered up that maybe we should do both for our honeymoon. I couldn’t believe it! Shocked is an understatement, considering he’s not a fan of Disney!

One of the moms at the child care center I work at is a travel agent. Given the amount of time I don’t have. I had her gather the information we needed to make our decisions. I ended up also doing a lot of research on my own, because it’s something I enjoy doing. Hmm, maybe a career in being a travel agent is in my future? We could have saved a little by booking it ourselves, but she did answer a lot of questions up front for us, so we booked through her.

We had talked about going to PASS in Seattle, and then going on a cruise. The new plan is even better! We’re still going to start out the honeymoon the day before Jason’s birthday, in Seattle. We’ll hang around with a bunch of really cool people (SQL geeks, maybe, but some of the most fun and entertaining people I know)! Jason will learn how to be an even better computer geek, while I explore a city I’ve never been to. I know the nightlife promises to be a lot of fun! I’d take suggestions on things I must do while out there.

After spending the 1st week with friends we only see a couple times a year, we will be flying down to Florida. We will hop on the Disney Dream for a 4 night cruise. Then, we will spend 3 days with Mickey Mouse at the parks. We’ll get to experience the adult side of Disney. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, Disney will do to make our honeymoon extra special!


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