Walking for a Cure

Several months back, my good friend Carrie was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer. She’s only 6 months younger than me, eats healthy (with the exception of Diet Coke), exercises often, and has two little boys (both whom she nursed). She had no family history of breast cancer. All in all, she was not even on the radar for risk factors. Yet, when they removed the golf ball sized tumor that had grown, that’s what it was. As Carrie prepared to begin her treatments of chemo, which would be followed by radiation treatments, her Mom was also diagnosed with breast cancer.

Carrie is the kind of woman who will get as much information as she can on any given topic. This has been no exception. She’s been to seminars, done research, etc. She has vowed to kick cancer’s butt. Her motto has become “F*ck cancer!” For someone who’s generally pretty conservative, that’s saying a lot!

This is where the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure comes in. Ever since I started seeing the commercials, I kept feeling like I should do it. With a move, wedding, and job hunt in my near future, I thought it would be too much for me. Still, every time I saw or heard the commercial, I heard the same voice telling me I REALLY should do that.

When I found out Carrie was walking with her Mom, I was even more driven to find a way to make it work. I talked to my fiancée, did some research on what it took, and signed up. After I signed up to walk with Carrie’s team, my Mom decided to do the same! Our team so far consists of Carrie and her mom, my mom and I. It will be a true mother-daughter experience.

Beginning on August 19th, we will be walking 60 miles over 3 days with two courageous women who are fighting breast cancer. We are walking to raise money for research to find a cure for breast cancer. This walk will not be easy. We are going to be training very hard over the next several months. Walking distances, cardio, strength training, and endurance are all going to need to be built.

Each walker has committed to raising at least $2300. I am at $145 so far. Please consider donating any amount (tax deductible, of course) to help me reach my goal. Many companies will also match donations. Check if yours is one of those companies.

Donations can be made here:
Susan G. Komen donation page for Sarah Sjolander


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