The Proposal

After writing my last post on planning our wedding, I realized that I failed to write about the proposal! Oops – bad bride!!!

You may remember in the Horrible Sing Along Blog that I mentioned when Jason drove out two hours to take me to lunch last year? Well, it was on the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week when he did that. This year, he spent the first couple of days of Thanksgiving week with me, but I was working. On Tuesday, he came and picked me up at work, and took me to the same Mexican restaurant he took me to last year.

Now, I knew he had the ring, and deep down, I couldn’t help but wonder if he might be planning on proposing. My instincts are sometimes pretty good. That said, I never want to assume anything – especially with Jason. He tends to be very unpredictable (in a good way).

Little did I know… he had a plan.. one that I unknowingly ruined!

The Plan
His plan was something along the lines of “forgetting” his wallet in the Jeep, “remembering” as we were getting into the restaurant, and then asking me if I would mind getting it. As I went back to grab his wallet, he was going to pull out the ring, get down on his knee, and propose.

What Really Happened
We ended up parking on the street right outside the restaurant. Jason got out and was coming around to open the door for me (what a gentleman he is). I noticed his wallet sitting there, mentioned it, and grabbed it for him. Before he could even get around to my side of the Jeep, I was out. I didn’t realize he was coming to open the door for me. He hadn’t had time to unzip his jacket to reveal the red shirt he got to match my red dress (my favorite shirt on him). He didn’t even have the ring box out all the way. I saw him taking it out, and asked what he was doing.

He unzipped his coat and finished pulling out the ring. He said, “So, I was thinking…” Then, all I heard (literally) was “Oh my Gosh, Oh my Gosh, Oh my Gosh…” in my head. He finished with something along the lines of “…we should get married.”

Well, the proposal didn’t go the way he planned, but of course, I said yes!

We went in to lunch, and I tweeted “I wonder if I should change my handle to @MrsStrateSQL in 8 months.” We updated our facebook statuses (we are geeky like that), called our parents, and ate lunch. Jason had his camera, but somehow, we failed to have our picture taken together. Oops! At least we got one pic with my ring!

The wedding will be held this summer. We are very excited!


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