Jason and Sarah’s Horrible Sing-Along Blog

Once upon a time, there was a Club Chick named Sarah. She loved to go out dancing as many nights a week as she could find an 18+ Night… One fateful night, she saw something that would make her heart skip a beat… There he was, “The Glowstick Guy”. Sarah thought he was about the cutest guy she had ever laid eyes on. He was so cool with his sunglasses on, and his glow sticks. She could watch him all night – up there on the speakers, oblivious of anything but the music…

After enough nights of Sarah staring at him dancing, she got up the nerve to talk to him… he recognized her as one of the many girls who were at the same clubs every night of the week. The groups of Club Kids seemed to merge together as the months went by… Sarah asked a friend of his if he was single. Said friend told her he was off and on with a girl, so he wasn’t sure. Somehow, Sarah and Jason started talking on the phone…

The phone proved to be the first mistake! Sarah would get frustrated with Jason’s lack of skills on the phone. He was so cute, and he could sure dance, so she kept pursuing (despite not being able to have a phone conversation). At one point, Jason was bored, and invited Sarah to a movie. She freaked out! This was her dream come true!!! She ran around the house screaming “The Glowstick Guy asked me out!” She couldn’t believe she was going on a date with this guy she had been dreaming of for so many months!

What Jason didn’t know, is that Sarah had a terrible curse. She ate – a lot – when she was nervous. She was so nervous to be out with him, that she stuffed her face full of popcorn the entire movie. This also covered for the fact that he didn’t talk to her, at all (the entire way to the movie OR back). On the way back, the eating curse continued. They went through the Hardee’s drive thru (mainly so Sarah could show off to her friend that worked there who she was on a date with). She got fries, and ate them… all the way home! That, my friends, was her “Worst Date Ever”!!!

After going out that one time, Sarah and Jason continued to talk once in a while. They knew they had no future, but enjoyed the same clubs, so they saw each other fairly often. Sarah found another Jason to date. They went to parties at The Glowstick Guy’s house and all had a great time. As time went by, they all went their separate ways. Sarah and Jason married other people, had children, and didn’t talk for about 10 years.

One day, Sarah was on facebook, when she noticed a friend of hers knew Jason. She decided to see if he remembered who she was. He did! The two old friends spent some time chatting, catching up on the past 10 or so years. Jason was divorced, and Sarah was well on her way. Neither of them even dreamed at this point that they would ever start dating…

About a year later, the two were still chatting it up on the internet. Sarah remembered the dreaded phone conversations of yesteryear. She was now divorced, and found they had a lot more in common than she remembered. He tapped into her inner-geek, and she liked it! She finally agreed to let him call her. About a minute into the first conversation, his battery died… was this an omen? She decided no.

After a couple of months of chatting on the phone and via the internet, Sarah agreed to spend time with Jason in person. He invited a couple of people over for dinner, drinks, Rockband, and DJ Hero. This was her kind of night! Jason was a perfect gentleman. Sarah was impressed. She had a great time hanging out, and couldn’t wait to see him again! The week of Thanksgiving, Jason drove two hours to take Sarah to lunch. He scored some serious points that day! The next time they got together, a group went to the Holidazzle with all their kids. The kids seemed to get along as well as Sarah and Jason! This was good!

Jason found out about Sarah’s secret crush so many years before. He offered her a re-do on the worst date ever, but she was not ready to date. She did, however, enjoy spending time with him… as much as possible! Finally, on Christmas, when Jason again made the two hour drive to take care of a very sick Sarah, she agreed to officially “date” him.


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  1. Janice Lee
    Jan 27, 2011 @ 23:00:19

    “Cut that phone off and let’s go to sleep…and why are you smiling like that?” says the husband who’s so ruining this moment for me…



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