Occupational Hazards

Being a parent and an Early Childhood Teacher is amazing.

That said, there are some “hazards” that come with the job:

1. Sand in my hair.

2. Everyone sharing their germs… cycling the illnesses around, and around, and around! (Hey, at least they’re sharing, right?)

3. Knees wearing out quickly on jeans or other pants from sitting on the floor and/or crawling around with the kids.

4. Paint, boogers, spit up, and other such stains on your clothes.

5. Becoming a human jungle gym on a daily basis.

6. On the really busy days, sheer exhaustion by 5:00!


1. A million hugs and kisses EVERY DAY! (My favorite perk)

2. Beautiful hairdo’s done up by very professional 2 year olds.

3. Great relationships with parents, some that turn into lifelong friendships.

4. You always have someone who wants to hear you sing.

5. You feel like a rock star every time you walk into the room.

6. The freedom for creative expression any time! (finger painting, making up words to songs, etc)

7. Watching children learn, grow, and get excited about everything new!

8. Being a cheerleader – ALL the time!

9. Kids don’t think silliness and immaturity is annoying, they think it’s fun!

There are so many reasons I love being a teacher and a parent! I won’t lie and say every day is easy… I won’t even pretend that there aren’t full weeks that I’m totally and completely worn out! The benefits and love I receive every day from the amazing kids in my life make it ALL worth it!!!


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