A Day to Dread!

Michael has his 5-year-old check up today.

It’s no secret that before Kindergarten, children get a set of shots. All the kids talk about it at Daycare after they get them. The disadvantage of him being one of the youngest at school, is that almost everyone else has gotten theirs already… For a month now, he’s been freaking out every time we pass the Dr.’s office. The mere mention of his check-up puts him into hysterics!

I bribed him with a toy. I know, not the best parenting tactic, but oh well! When Grace got her Kindergarten shots, she got so worked up, she threw up. I would like to avoid a repeat of that! I told Michael that if he’s brave, we will go to the store, and he can pick out a small toy or Pokeman Cards. He asked me if it’s OK to cry. I told him it’s OK to cry, it’s NOT OK to freak out. We’ll see what happens!

I’ll post an update after the dreaded Kindergarten Shots…


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  1. jsjola1012
    Aug 04, 2010 @ 19:06:01

    Michael did pretty well… After hiding under the table and getting all worked up about getting his shots, he said “That wasn’t so bad!”


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