The Flood

Last Sunday, I heard a sound coming from behind my refrigerator. It sounded like a mouse was chewing something back there. I moved my fridge a little to see if anything would come running out. The squeaking and chewing sound stopped.

Monday, while I was at work, it occurred to me, I might have a dead mouse behind my fridge. When I got home, I decided to check – I did NOT want to be smelling THAT later in the week! That’s when I discovered water all over underneath and behind the refrigerator…

After cleaning it up, I went down to the basement (I still can’t remember why I decided to go down there). I discovered that about 1/3 of my basement was covered in water. In one area, there was a couple inches of water. Other places, it was just wet. Water was dripping directly onto the box where all my photo albums and the boxes of duplicate photos… By a miracle, it appears that none of the albums are ruined, and the photos seem to have avoided damage as well… If you had seen the mess, you would wonder how they didn’t get completely destroyed.

One thing did get destroyed – a box of ALL Grace’s saved artwork from the time she was an infant until she was in Kindergarten… over the years, I had saved various stages of her learning to color, draw people, write her name, etc. The entire box was not only soaked, but dripping when I tried to pick it up!

My heart was breaking as I sorted through the dripping pages. Luckily, I was able to salvage some of her work (not much, but some). Most of the papers I could save had either crayon or pencil on it…

In the end, it was my ice maker line that was faulty in 2 places, the water was pouring down the air conditioner ducts and flooding my basement.

The Lessons Learned

What did I learn through this 3 day fiasco?

1. It SUCKS having the water turned off for 2 days!! I brushed my teeth with bottled water (I told myself, “This is how the rich people do it!”). A couple times a day, I turned on the water long enough to flush the toilets. Instantly, water would start dripping in the basement again. Ugh!

2. Anything important that I want to save, goes into plastic totes from now on!!! No more cardboard boxes for important stuff!

3. As a teacher, I am going to have the kids do more art with crayons, so it can be saved!!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Jason Strate
    Aug 01, 2010 @ 17:38:01

    As a plus you can consider that you got a chance to look through and reminisce on some of the artwork that you probably would not have looked at for years. It may suck that it’s gone but be able to recollect on the art and get inspiration for new activities is always good when the kids are young enough to still want to hang out with you.


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