Pray for your children

A friend of mine sent me this link. It lists out several prayers to pray over your children. Praying for your children

I think it is everyone’s wish for their children that they may grow up to be the best person they can be. By instilling the love of God and high moral standards, we can help. We can not do it on our own. Whether you are a single parent, two-parent (or more) family, or you have a whole village raising your child, without God, it will not be enough!

Take a minute to pray over your child today. If you are a teacher, pray over your class too – there may be children in your care that no one else prays for!!


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  1. Mike Walsh
    Nov 20, 2010 @ 17:51:19

    Great reminder here in this post! Thanks for sharing.

    I just discovered your blog after your entry in the “UnSQL” blog “thing”. I’m one of those weird people from Jason’s SQL Server Community 😉 and enjoyed reading your entry that you posted today. Saw the proverbs reference in your side bar and wanted to read more.

    Great posts, enjoyable to read! Thanks for sharing and thanks for this simple, but oh so important, reminder. I’ll be adding you to the feed reader.


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