We’ve all been there!!

I brought my kids to the pool this afternoon. I had about as much fun watching the people, as the kids had swimming!

It’s so nice to finally be at the stage where I don’t have to be right “on” my kids when we go to the pool! Grace is a good swimmer, and does well on her own. Michael is not a great swimmer, but he pretty much has fun just splashing around in the shallow area.

One of Grace’s good friends from school happened to be at the pool. The two girls disappeared pretty quickly, while Michael splashed around in the fountains. I sat back, read a book (with one eye on the pool of course)… it was quite relaxing!!

There was a family sitting on the grass next to me. A younger Mom and Dad with a baby in a stroller, and a little girl, I would guess to be about 2. The little girl kept running back to tell her Daddy something, and would run back to the pool. Every time, he would tell her to walk, and she would turn and run back in! After what seemed like 50 times of her doing this, he got clearly frustrated. He said in THAT tone of voice, “You HAVE to STOP RUNNING!”. She looked at him, turned around, and ran back in! He gave a very exasperated sigh, and rolled his eyes.. At this, another Mom nearby and I busted out laughing. You couldn’t help it!! Then, he looked at his wife, and said, “Did she JUST laugh at me?” Yes, yes we did!!!

Every parent at the pool was doing the same thing. Telling their kids not to run, while watching them running back into the pool… it was VERY comical (except when it was my own son)!!!

After we’d been there a little while, my neighbor showed up with two of her kids. They are both very close to Michael’s age, and they are all good friends. While Kathi and I sat on the edge of the pool, our kids pretended to be dolphins. Then, Michael decided to brave the waterslide. The cute lifeguard at the end caught him, and so began his 25 or so times going down, walking back up to the top, and going down again… We all had an absolute blast!!!

Michael landing safely in the arms of a very cute lifeguard!!!

It reminds me though, how quickly my kids are growing up! Just a few summers ago, Grace was afraid to go near water, and Michael needed to be followed every second! Last summer, Grace was a bit more independent at the pool, but I wouldn’t have dreamed of not being right there with Michael! Last summer, he wasn’t tall enough to try the waterslide, even if he wanted to (which he didn’t – he was too scared)… Last summer, I enjoyed every minute I had with my kids. This summer, I plan to do the same!!!


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