The Wonder of Life – Through a Child’s Eyes

I remember my 1st practicum in the Child Development Center at Bethel College. I transferred to the school as a Junior, so my 1st practicum was my 1st semester as an Education Student. It was Fall. I remember walking through the beautiful Bethel campus with a group of children, probably about 4 years old. I remember clearly, feeling like I was seeing Fall for the first time. The college campus has trees everywhere – in particular, Sugar Maples. The colors were beautiful!! How had I gone 20+ years and never noticed them before? How was it that the crispness of a Fall morning was just cold to me before??

Ever since I saw Fall through those 4-year-olds’ eyes, I love the season! I can’t wait to make the drive along 94 between MN and WI – the colors are gorgeous! Here in the Chippewa Valley, we have a ton of apple orchards. I look forward to driving the back roads out by the orchards, just to see the beauty of it all!

That semester changed how I view life…

Today, I had another one of those moments. This day most likely will not have such a profound impact on my view of the world, but it brought me back to the 1st day I saw things through a child’s eyes.

At the child care center where I work, we are remodeling our largest of 3 playgrounds. Various Skidsteers, etc have been out there working for a couple weeks now…. We brought our class of 2 1/2 – 3 year olds out to the middle playground to enjoy as much fresh air as we could before it started raining… Soon, almost every child was lined up along the fence, watching the Bulldozer leveling out the ground to get it ready for Astro-turf and rubber chips. A dump truck would bring in a pile of dirt, and the guys working on the playground would push and pull it around until it was all level. I’m not sure what it was about today that made it seem so magical… I found myself amazed at the teamwork between the two different companies working out there, and the crew doing most of the work… Everything was flowing so smoothly, like a dance…

A little while later, after coming in for a quick snack and potty breaks, we took the children for a walk. These little children spotted every “pretty” rock along the side of the road. Every once in a while, one would stop and try to pick one up. Amazingly, we only had one wipe out (imagine 14 little kids holding onto the handles on a rope – one goes down & it could be a heck of a domino effect)! We passed several large trucks (or they passed us). The kids were fascinated by every semi, dump truck, and delivery truck that went by! They giggled when two of the trucks honked at us.

Such simple pleasures make the world a better place to be. I’m so glad that I get to work with young children who remind me of these simple pleasures from time to time!


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